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Ultimate Homeschool Binder - Resource Guide

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Product Description

This binder is to help guide parents who are looking to educate their children at home. This guide will help you decide on your homeschool name, mission statement, and track the homeschool laws in your state. 

There are lots of topics covered in this binder:

* Teaching your preschooler

* Teaching a child with ADHD

* Tips on teaching your child to read

* Teaching a distracted child

* How to help your child work more independently

* How to prep your child for college

* Meal planning tips

* Home making tips

* Creating a routine

and more!


* The Relaxed Homeschool Un-Dated Planner. This includes space to track attendance, field trips, bills, household chores, and much more all in one planner!

* Chore Chart Packet. This is a full packet that includes recommendations on chores according to their age plus different fun charts to choose from.