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Preschool September Packet - Distance Learning and Homeschooling

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Ready to start teaching your preschooler? This packet is perfect for homeschooling and distance learning.

This packet includes lots of learning through play! There are THREE printable sensory bins included, playdough mats, cutting practice, crafts, and more!

This packet is fall-themed, however, you could use this any time of the year. 162 printer-friendly pages with a printing guide.

Topics covered:

* Letters A-D

* Counting 1-5

* Square * Patterns

* Tallest or Shortest

* Smallest or Largest

* Coloring

* Dab-A-Dot Activities

* DIY Letter and Number Booklets

* Counting Play Dough Mats

* Mazes

* Tracing

* Crafts

* 3 Sensory Bins