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Kindergarten Curriculum - Printed

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Ready to start Kindergarten with your children? Here is an easy-to-follow full 8-month curriculum. There is absolutely NO planning required on your part. All of the planning is already done for you! We've taken the guesswork out and all you have to do is print and go! It's just that easy! 

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Over 1550 pages.

This curriculum covers:

 * Counting

* Addition

* Subtraction

* Time Telling

* Measurements

* Money

* Word Problems

* Sight Words

* CVC Words

* Blends and Digraphs

* Story Prompts

* Writing Practice

* Vocabulary Words

* Rhyming Words

* Sequencing

* Community

* Living vs Non-Living

* Seasons

* Dinosaurs

* Rocks

* Life Cycles

* Fire Safety

* Bats

* Sink or Float

* Fossils

* Plants

* Amphibians, Reptiles, and Insects

* Weather

* Your 5 Senses

* Solar System

* Dental Health

* Fruits & Vegetables

* Ocean

* Mass

* Vertebrate and Non-Vertebrate

* and MORE!

*** This is a neutral curriculum, no religion is mentioned.