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First Grade Curriculum - PRINTED

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This product is printed. These are worksheets only. NO BINDER is included with this order. Your purchase will also include the digital PDF file. SHIPPING TO CONTIGUOUS STATES ONLY.

Ready to start first grade with your children? Here is an easy to follow full 8-month curriculum. There is absolutely NO planning required on your part. All of the planning is already done for you! We've taken the guesswork out and all you have to do is print and go! It's just that easy! 

Download Day 1 Here!

This curriculum Covers:

* Handwriting
* Vocabulary
* Spelling
* Vowels and Nouns
* Parts of a Story
* Sight Words and Reading Skills
* Reading Comprehension Skills
* Capitalization and Punctuation
* Digraphs and Blends
* Main Topics and Supporting Topics
* Word Families
* Main Ideas and Supportive Ideas
* Fiction vs Non-Fiction
* Context Clues
* Contractions and Compound Words
* Suffix and Prefix
* Verbs
* Root Words
* Counting
* Ordinal Numbers
* Measuring
* Telling Time
* Addition and Subtraction

* Graphing Skills
* Greater Than or Less Than
* Cumulative Property and Associated Property
* Money
* Fractions
* Place Value
* Community Helpers and Career Options
* Mapping Skills
* Forms of Energy
* Magnets
* Land Forms
* Earth Layers and Environment
* Water Sources and Water Cycle
* Clouds and Weather
* Seasons
* Day and Night Cycles
* Living Versus Non-Living
* Rock Types and Volcanos
* Space (planets, sun, and galaxies)
* Plants
* and much more!

* This is a secular curriculum. No religion is mentioned.

This curriculum will save you time and money! You can use it over and over again with your other children! Just pull up the files and print and go!