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Second Grade Curriculum

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No more planning! This curriculum is a full 8-month curriculum and is great for busy homeschooling families. Gone are the days of endless planning. This curriculum is 100% laid out for you and ready to go.

No complicated teacher manuals to read through and follow. The information your child needs is right there on the page! No back and forth from one manual to the next. Such a time saver!

No bulky boxed curriculum sets! This curriculum is all-inclusive and laid out in a way that you just turn the page to jump right into the next subject. No more switching heavy books around to start the next subject and losing your child's focus. No more storage issues that come with storing a variety of curriculum books! We keep it simple and streamlined for you!

Kids and parents both agree that this curriculum is fun and easy to use. Grab your child's attention with the fun activities that are included throughout. Great for hands-on learners.

Because this curriculum is so streamlined and straight forward you'll complete your homeschool days in record time! This curriculum should take no longer than 30 minutes per day!

This curriculum covers the following topics:

* Language Arts
* Reading
* Writing
* Math
* Geography
* Science
* Health and Social Skills

You can feel confident knowing that your child will be learning everything they need to know in the comfort of your own home.

Homeschooling can be fun! Let it be easy too with this curriculum!

*This is a PDF file.