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Complete Homeschool Curriculum

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Does the idea of homeschooling overwhelm you? Not sure where to start?
No more worrying about what to teach! No more searching endlessly on Pinterest for worksheets and trying to piece them together and calling it good! 

--No more doubting yourself and your ability to teach your children! 

-You get both the Full 9-Week Preschool Curriculum and our Full 8 Month Kindergarten Curriculum.

-You will also get helpful lesson packs and study units to extend learning and practice.

-This system includes The Ultimate Homeschool Resource Binder. You'll have the best resources and advice right at your fingertips! 

-The Ultimate Homeschool Management ECourse will teach you how to manage your everyday life while you homeschool your children. From meal planning to chores because homeschooling is more than just lessons!

*These are PDF files.